Our Practice

We cover a variety of needs; Class Action, Mass Tort, General/Personal Injury, Criminal, Domestic and Workers’ Compensation.

At Stewart & Stewart our focus is seeking justice for our clients. We are advocates for those who are victims and suffering due to the wrongdoing or negligence of another.  Whether an individual or a group of people has been harmed, we are dedicated in seeking justice for our clients.

Stewart & Stewart has considerable experience representing clients in a variety of cases from single plaintiff to complex class actions and mass torts. Our firm has handled cases that have resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements. We have the resources, reputation and knowledge to handle a broad range of cases.

Featured Cases

Abernathy v. Monsanto: 3,500 Alabama Residents, in what The Washington Post described as a “huge victory in a landmark environmental lawsuit” against Monsanto Company and its successor Solutia. This massive case concerned decades of PCB pollution in the vicinity of a Monsanto plant in Anniston, Alabama. After a 17-month jury trial in which the firm obtained $100 million in jury verdicts for a portion of the plaintiffs, the case ultimately settled with the firm’s clients receiving $170 million (after costs and fees).

Bice v. Micon: More than 1,300 Alabama coal miners suffering permanent respiratory injuries as a result of their exposure to isocyanate-based products in mines in their action against Dow, BASF and Bayer alleging failure to warn and an industry-wide conspiracy extending over decades to conceal the hazards. After a nine-day hearing, the firm successfully defeated defendants’ motions for summary judgment. The case settled favorably for the plaintiffs on the eve of trial.